Benefits of Kichler LED Landscape Lighting

Our go-to brand when it comes to landscape lighting is Kichler, and within their line, the Design Pro LED products representalmost 100% of the products we keep in stock.  Why is that?  Sure halogen fixtures cost less up front, but the amount you can save on the complete installation combined with the cost of ownership makes LED the clear choice.

As you’ll see in the videos below, the annual savings on power consumption is remarkable – Design Pro LED fixtures use 75% less energy than the equivalent halogen system. The other thing to note is that because each fixture uses less energy and has a greater tolerance for voltage drop, you’ll use less wire and fewer and/or smaller transformer(s), which will save you money.  The bulbs are also designed to have a 40,000 hour life span, which is a nice low maintenance option when you compare it to the annual bulb replacements required with a halogen system.

Take a look at a couple videos from Kichler that outline a couple larger projects and the benefits of using LED.  But don’t get scared off at the size of some of the projects shown.  You probably don’t have a vineyard or an entire neighbourhood to light up, so you won’t need nearly as many fixtures to make your yard pop into the evening hours.

Kichler Quic DiscEven though these videos all show professional installers, this is a project that you can tackle yourself. We’ll help you calculate your transformer load and give you ideas about placement, spacing, and the best type of fixtures to use in different situations.  And installation is a snap with the Quic Disc included with every Design Pro LED fixture. Simply run your wire from your transformer and connect the fixture wire to the main wire by clamping together the Quic Disc. The wires can be dug into the ground or hidden in rock, mulch, or other ground cover to disguise it so all you’ll see is the fixture and the beautiful spread of light it puts out.

Want to get started? Bring us your landscape plan and we’ll offer some ideas and get you a price on your package.