How to Install a Bubbler Fountain

Have you seen those bubbler fountains around town that seem to just overflow and disappear into the ground?  Couldn’t figure out how it all worked?  It’s really quite simple!

With Aquascape’s Aquabasin, you can take any type of decorative piece and turn it into a beautiful, low maintenance water feature in just a few hours.  Whether you’re thinking about an urn, natural stone basalt columns, or something else unique, we’ve got an Aquabasin to get the job done.

The first video will demonstrate the installtion of the Large Aquabasin, which can support up to 1200 lbs and holds 75 gallons of water. The Small Aquabasin is also installed in a similar fountain, it just holds less water and supports less weight. A good tip not shown in the video for the Large and Small Aquabasins is to install a skirt around the perimeter in the basin with pond liner sloping back towards the basin under the surrounding rock to catch any excess splash that may occur.

The next size down in basin options is the Deco Basin.  The Deco Basin is a great economical basin option for lightweight features. It doesn’t hold a lot of water, but with the included splash skirt, you’ll experience very little water loss due to excess splash.

And finally, we have the Mini Aquabasin. If you’re looking for something subtle and affordable, the Mini Aquabasin features are perfect for adding the soothing sound of water around a patio, garden, porch, or walkway.

The best part about all these options is that the water is held underground and out of direct sunlight, which goes a long way in keeping the water fresh and algae free. Unlike a pond, you can turn these features on and off as you wish, which will save on energy costs and keep you from worrying about the pump running dry.  We’ve got a ton of decorative bubbler options in stock at The Rusty Shovel for you to have a look at, so feel free to stop in to spark some ideas!