How to Select Hardscape Colours

Lafitt Slate Victorian. Mega-Libre Rustic. Avalon Slate Rio. River Rock Grana Charcoal. Ardesie African Stone AD 03 NAT.

Hardscape naming conventions can be SUPER CONFUSING!

Three colour blends are the most popular finishes on the market, but the names they use are tough to decipher sometimes.

Here’s our attempt at translating the colour portion of the equation.

Looking for mostly grey? Victorian is our most popular colour and offers a beautiful mix of grey and charcoal with splashes of tan/brown accents.

Looking for mostly brown? Toscana is for you. It provides a tan/brown blend with grey accents mixed in.

Want to pick up some red hues? Rustic is your ticket. It’s a subtle blend of red/tan/charcoal.

Blends not for you? You can have grey or dark grey (charcoal).

Not crazy about the hints of brown in the Victorian finish? We’ve got two new colours coming in select products. Rio and Tofino Grey offer a two-toned grey & charcoal colour blend. They’ve given them two different names due to the fact that they are manufactured in different locations and regional aggregate mixes show colour differently. So while they’re not the same colour, they’re at least in the same colour family.

That gets you through the most popular colours.

You’ll also find names like Rocky Mountain Blend, Silverado, Earth Blend, Shadow Blend, Autumn, Desert Buff, Sandstone, Coastal, Midnight Black, Gascony Tan, Ashbury Haze, Sienna, and Dark Charcoal – just to mention a few.

AND DON’t GET US STARTED ON PORCELAIN PAVERS! (We’re looking at you Pierre Bleue Sablee)

And if this write up/video doesn’t make things any clearer, that’s why we have a full time, year round staff of seven product experts that live and breathe this stuff. Come see us and we’ll help you navigate the colour wheels to find the perfect fit for your new outdoor space!