The Simple
Shovel Sprinkler Quote

Professionally Designed Sprinkler Systems You Can Install Yourself –

Even If You Don’t Know What You Need, Where It Goes, Or How It Works.

Every Sprinkler System Starts From A Scale Drawing

  1. Fill out the form to request your quote & receive instructions to complete your scale drawing (WAY easier than it sounds)
  2. Upload your plan and yard pics using our fancy uploader tool.
  3. Get Your Quote.
  4. Be proud of your work and that you saved some $$$.

Here's how it works in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Click the Start Your Quote Here button to fill out the form to request your free, no obligation sprinkler system quote.
  2. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email explaining exactly how to measure your yard and put together the information you need to create your design and provide you with a quote.
  3. Upload your plan and yard pics using our fancy uploader tool.
  4. From the information you provide, our team of professionals will design your sprinkler system and provide you with a quote.
  5. If your quote sounds reasonable and you agree to purchase the system, we’ll package everything up complete with professional design and instructions. In the Regina area, you can pick up your system at our shop (680 Angus Street) or have us ship it to you anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Blu-Lock Makes It Easy!

Sure, we’ve got the regular black pipe you’re used to. But why wouldn’t you want to get your system installed faster and for less money? 

Blu-Lock pipe is a high-density polyethylene pipe that uses push-and-go fittings that don’t require any glue, clamps, or tightening. Just push them together and go. Plus, you’ll save money when compared to using poly pipe with Turnseal fittings.

Control Your Sprinklers From Your Phone

The Hydro-Rain HRC 400 B-Hyve WIFI Controller is the leading WIFI based sprinkler controller on the market. Easy to use and feature rich, this is our go-to sprinkler controller at The Rusty Shovel.


Our Favourite Products

We carry all the major irrigation brands at our store, so we get to create your system using side-by-side comparisons to offer the best performance for your dollar. Two of the primary brands that you’ll see in our systems are Hydro-Rain and K-Rain – two smaller, innovative (kinda like us) manufacturers of quality product.