Regina Rainwater Harvesting Project w/ Aquascape’s RainXchange

Have you wanted to capture rain water from your downspouts but don’t like the idea of ugly barrels and are concerned about overflow and water circulation? RainXChange from Aquascape is your ticket!

The water is filtered through the downspout filter and stored underground in our custom shaped AquaBlox water storage units, lined with a 45mil fish safe EPDM rubber pond liner. The water is recirculated through a number of different decorative fountain options or pondless waterfall.

Add a booster pump and the rain water can be used to irrigate your vegetables, flowers, lawn, trees, shrubs, or whatever you’d like.

Tony and Jesse have been working on this one in their spare time for Tony’s parents. Not only are they conserving water, but they get an upgraded view from the home office window!

Interested? Get in touch!

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