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At The Rusty Shovel beautiful yards are our passion and we love nothing more than sharing that passion with our clients.  The best way to do that is with our Landscape Design services.  Our in-house designer, Jesse Matlock, has designed hundreds of unique and custom yards of varying budgets.  With an honours in Sustainable Landscape Design, Jesse has the creativity and knowledge to not just design beautiful spaces, but also functional spaces.  It Is not uncommon for our clients to get a design done only to be blown away with the actual potential of their yard.  Where you see a tired old patch of grass, or an overwhelming new lot, or an overgrown yard we see possibility and solutions.

Our Landscape Designs always start with a $150.00 consultation that happens on site and acts as a collaborative brainstorming session to make sure the client’s wants and needs are being identified.  From here, Jesse will take your wants and needs and translate them into a concept sketch right then and there.  With that concept sketch in place to unlock the potential of the client’s space, we then offer a computer rendered design that fully clarifies what the yard can become.  The computer renderings include 2D construction plans that outline all of the building materials and quantities, plant selections and locations, and landscape lighting selections and locations.  On top of that the customer also gets their space shown in 3D photo realistic images.  These images give the client the experience of being in their yard before it is constructed so they know exactly what things will look like…and they get those images in both daytime and nighttime settings.

Landscape Lighting ViewIt is no longer a problem where clients hope they or their contractor interprets the design right, everyone can see it.  We love the computer rendered design phase because it always saves our clients time and money by having everyone on the same page with how things should look and exactly what material selections should be made. No more randomly picking plants and hoping that they live or regretting a paving stone colour selection.  The cost of the design is saved by the client the second one construction mistake or material mistake is avoided.  In the end, seeing or hearing about our client’s beautiful new spaces that they are now living in and enjoying is the most rewarding. It means we have transferred that passion we have for landscaping to our clients…and it happens with a design that shows them the space they always had right out their back door.

Want to keep up with some of Jesse’s latest work? Check him out on his Landscape.Designs Instagram account.

And if you’re ready, get more details and request your landscape design consult right now!

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