Landscape Contractor Referral Program

We get asked all the time if we install – and the answer is that, no, we don’t.  The fact is that about half of our business comes from professional landscape contractors, so those aren’t the toes we want to be stepping on.  We’ve got capable people with a lot of landscape construction experience on staff, but our focus is supporting homeowners and contractors with their landscape projects.

But with our design service, that has allowed us to work with hundreds of homeowners over the years – there are obviously a lot of homeowners that don’t want to do the work themselves – so we wanted to bridge that gap to connect homeowners with landscape contractors in the most efficient way possible. We think that we’ve come up with a formula that creates a win-win-win for our us, the homeowner, and the landscape contractor.

When you look at a typical day-in-the-life of a landscape contractor, it’s often stuffed quite full of activities. They’ll be in our store by 7:30 am to pick up supplies and get to the job site. They’ll often work on site all day, arrive home for supper sometime in the early evening (8:00 pm on a good day), see their family for a few minutes and then retreat to the office to try to get caught up on quotes and book work.

Once they get going on a quote, they’ll often find they don’t have all the necessary information. That will likely lead to a series of back and forth emails and phone calls (extending the turnaround time for a quote), or a number of assumptions that will have to be made to arrive at a price. Obviously both scenarios are far from ideal – so we’ve tried to offer a solution for everyone.

When you bring us your plan or have us do one up for you, our team will work with you to hammer out all the details of your project. That means exact dimensions, product selections and takeoffs. That legwork helps to ensure you have all your ducks in a row for potential landscape contractors to bid on.  And now that we are completely familiar with the entire scope of your project, we can walk that over to a contractor that we deal with who is experienced in all aspects of your project.  From there, the quote is between you and the contractor. We don’t take a markup or commission, it’s just a service that we provide to help get your project started on the right foot and give you the best chance of seeing the project completed on time and on budget.  It also helps us with inventory forecasting and timing to make sure we have the right product on the ground when you need it.

So, if you’re in the market to have some landscaping work done, give us a call, drop us an email, or come by to see us to get the process started.

Our Landscape Contractor Referral Program is just another way The Rusty Shovel is ‘Landscaping Made Easier’.