The Simple
Shovel Ground Cover Quote

The cut-to-the-chase, ballpark quote you can get from your lawn chair.

Every Project Starts With Some Pictures and Measurements

  1. Take a picture/video of the space and make a rough sketch of what you’re thinking w/ some basic measurements.
  2. Submit your pics/vids/measurements using our fancy uploader tool.
  3. We’ll figure out how much material you’ll need and call you to chat ballpark budget and next steps.
  4. Finalize budget, scope and materials.
  5. Get it built. DIY or Done For You

Shercom Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a beautiful way to finish your landscaping, while helping the environment. Made from recycled tires, rubber mulch comes in four vibrant colours – red, black, grey and brown. It is sold in small 20 & 35 lb bags or in large 2000 lb totes. 

Need to know how much you’ll need and what it’s going to cost? Simply request your quote and submit your measurements.

Shop rubber mulch here.

Crushed Rundle Rock

Quarried right out of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, crushed rundle is our most popular ground cover material. Available in 40mm and 20mm sizes, it’s sold in approx. 3000 lb totes. Easy to shovel and stunning to look at.

Rainbow Rock

Montana Rainbow Rock is the most vibrant, colourful river rock you’ll find. Available in three sizes – 1 1/2″, 2-3″, and Oversize. 

Landscape Fabric

No matter what you’re putting down, you’ll want to put down a good quality landscape fabric first. From heavy duty to budget friendly, we’ve got a wide selection of widths and roll sizes in stock, along with the 6″ staples you’ll need to secure it in place.

Shop landscape fabric here.