Thrive Landscape Design at The Rusty Shovel

Thrive Landscape Design at The Rusty Shovel

Starting spring of 2023, we’ve partnered with Alicia Putz at Thrive Landscape Design to offer custom landscape design services.

Alicia has been designing yards all over Saskatchewan since completing her Prairie Horticulture Certificate in 2009. She even design

ed the original layout for The Rusty Shovel showroom when we opened our doors back in the spring of 2010!

Alicia is working out of our 680 Angus Street location, where she will see clients by appointment.

All design work will be booked through Alicia directly through her website – 

Alicia Putz - Landscape Designer

You can check out some of her projects here.

Once your design is finished, we’re here to help you get it built. We’ll help confirm product selection, find you a qualified contractor to build your project, or help you do-it-yourself.

We’re really excited to invite Alicia into our space and look forward to working together with her to bring your dream yards to life!










Regina Rainwater Harvesting Project w/ Aquascape’s RainXchange

Have you wanted to capture rain water from your downspouts but don’t like the idea of ugly barrels and are concerned about overflow and water circulation? RainXChange from Aquascape is your ticket!

The water is filtered through the downspout filter and stored underground in our custom shaped AquaBlox water storage units, lined with a 45mil fish safe EPDM rubber pond liner. The water is recirculated through a number of different decorative fountain options or pondless waterfall.

Add a booster pump and the rain water can be used to irrigate your vegetables, flowers, lawn, trees, shrubs, or whatever you’d like.

Tony and Jesse have been working on this one in their spare time for Tony’s parents. Not only are they conserving water, but they get an upgraded view from the home office window!

Interested? Get in touch!

Introducing Belgard Tandem Modular Block

Our popular Outdoor Living by Belgard Tandem Wall now has a new and improved construction process. The Tandem Modular Block or Next Block replaces the plastic dovetail connectors, while giving you more stability during construction while maintaining your ability to build curves, free standing two side walls and single sided retaining walls.

You can find the Tandem Wall Modular Block Installation Guide here.

There’s also a couple videos that demonstrate the new process below:

Covid-19 Update

It’s not exactly business as usual, but we are still able to conduct business. We’d love to help you plan your landscape project for this spring. You can start the landscape design process here. You can request a quote on your project here. Let’s get through this tough time together!

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Would it surprise you to know that 8-12% of your home’s value can be found in your outdoor space? That means that for a $400,000 home, you can invest between $32,000 and $48,000 in your landscaping and feel comfortable that the value of your yard is on par with the value of your home.

Now, of course no one is saying that you have to spend within that range – it could be less if there are budget constraints, and it could be more if you have higher expectations of how you plan to use your outdoor space. It also doesn’t have to be done all in one year – but it at least it gives you a range to start thinking about the process of developing or renovating your landscape.

One person who often speaks on this area is television landscape and gardening expert Carson Arthur. “Never underestimate the value of landscaping. It’s the only outdoor renovation that actually grows in value as trees, shrubs and plants get bigger each year. Every other home improvement slowly loses value over time” he says in conversation about the topic.

So where do you start when thinking about making such a substantial investment in your property? Just like the process of building a house, you’ll need to start with a floor plan – or in this case, a landscape plan. You can sketch one out yourself, or you can have our landscape designer come out for as little as $150 to come up with some ideas and a pencil sketch plan for you. From there, you’ll have the framework to get your project started properly.

A good plan will allow you to complete your project in stages if needed. So, if your budget only allows for a $10,000 investment this year, you don’t have to give up on your dream yard concept that came in at a price tag of $30,000 – you’ll just have to chip away at it over three years.  And with a visit with our team at The Shovel, we’ll be able to show you how to break up your project so that you aren’t doing work that will need to be undone later. And if the staging strategy doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll help you determine the best places to compromise to still give you the most impact for your budget.

The next step is to come and visit us at The Rusty Shovel to determine what products are going to be needed to construct your project. Lean on our expertise to walk you through all the options and get your project done on budget. One way to save on that budget is obviously to do the work yourself. Our staff lives and breathes landscaping, so they’ll be able to walk you through the order of operations and best practices necessary to complete your project like a professional. We’ll complete all the product takeoffs from your design and price out your material package for you. Then we can help you stage things over time or tackle it all at once.

For the other half of the population, DIY landscaping isn’t something to be entertained, which is perfectly fine by us too. We work directly with dozens of professional landscape contractors that we can take your project to for quoting and completion. We work on your behalf to communicate your vision for your yard and find a landscaper that’s going to be a good fit to bring that vision to life.

(Article originally appeared in the March 2018 Editions of Neighbours Magazines)