How to Select Hardscape Colours

Lafitt Slate Victorian. Mega-Libre Rustic. Avalon Slate Rio. River Rock Grana Charcoal. Ardesie African Stone AD 03 NAT.

Hardscape naming conventions can be SUPER CONFUSING!

Three colour blends are the most popular finishes on the market, but the names they use are tough to decipher sometimes.

Here’s our attempt at translating the colour portion of the equation.

Looking for mostly grey? Victorian is our most popular colour and offers a beautiful mix of grey and charcoal with splashes of tan/brown accents.

Looking for mostly brown? Toscana is for you. It provides a tan/brown blend with grey accents mixed in.

Want to pick up some red hues? Rustic is your ticket. It’s a subtle blend of red/tan/charcoal.

Blends not for you? You can have grey or dark grey (charcoal).

Not crazy about the hints of brown in the Victorian finish? We’ve got two new colours coming in select products. Rio and Tofino Grey offer a two-toned grey & charcoal colour blend. They’ve given them two different names due to the fact that they are manufactured in different locations and regional aggregate mixes show colour differently. So while they’re not the same colour, they’re at least in the same colour family.

That gets you through the most popular colours.

You’ll also find names like Rocky Mountain Blend, Silverado, Earth Blend, Shadow Blend, Autumn, Desert Buff, Sandstone, Coastal, Midnight Black, Gascony Tan, Ashbury Haze, Sienna, and Dark Charcoal – just to mention a few.

AND DON’t GET US STARTED ON PORCELAIN PAVERS! (We’re looking at you Pierre Bleue Sablee)

And if this write up/video doesn’t make things any clearer, that’s why we have a full time, year round staff of seven product experts that live and breathe this stuff. Come see us and we’ll help you navigate the colour wheels to find the perfect fit for your new outdoor space!

Lafitt Slate and Lafitt Grana by Belgard

If you’re paving a fairly substantial area, Lafitt pavers from Belgard are consistently our most popular choice. It gives you that big tile appearance, but the 50mm reduced slab thickness makes it easier to install and keeps the price point in check.

Available in a textured or smooth finish.

Lafitt Slate and Lafitt Grana by Belgard

Mega-Libre Pavers

Mega-Libre Flagstone Paver Overview

It’s almost patio season, so we want to help you build yours this spring!

One of our most popular pavers is Mega-Libre by Belgard. It gives a natural flagstone look with a predictable pattern and depth. Two stone sizes with two different false joint patterns and numerous laying pattern options give this product a superior look compared to any other similar product in the market.

Mega-Libre Pavers by Belgard

Why Choose Paving Stone?

Paving stone can be one of the strongest, beautiful and most flexible pavement systems around. Instead of settling for poured concrete that can crack and shale even within the first year, paving stone is designed to withstand our freeze-that climate and provide a stunning look for decades.

What makes paving stone the number one option? Let’s explore a few of the reasons:


In addition to being strong, let’s be honest – it just looks good! The variety of finishes, colours, shapes and sizes combined with an infinite number of laying patterns provides the most aesthetic value in your landscape.

Many of the latest paver styles come in a standard 3-piece pattern that can be accented with things like soldier course borders, accent bands, area rugs, insets, and more. All of these options can be used to create visual intrigue, richness, contrast, and break up sightlines.

Winter Durability

Small, high density units resist cracking and pitting from freeze-thaw cycles and salts. Properly installed compacted base provides a solid foundation to minimize movement, but also allows pavers to flex and return to form if movement does occur. The texture of most paving stones also creates a less slippery surface during the snowy and icy season.


Proper base construction for pavers takes a little work but will ensure decades of longevity. Base preparation for pavers typically involves excavating 8-12” of native soil and compacting low fines base back up to ensure a stable structure. Typical base preparation for poured concrete is nowhere near this depth or compacted to the same rate. That’s why you constantly see the base failing under concrete, causing cracking and failure.

Pair that with the fact that dry-cast concrete pavers have substantially better compressive strength than poured in place concrete (broomed, stamped, or exposed), and you’ll be giving yourself the best chance for success.  That compressive strength is one reason you won’t see pavers shale on the surface like poured concrete tends to do.

Low Maintenance

Stained or broken pavers can easily be replaced without patches and last for decades. If you do experience movement, pavers are much easier to lift and re-level than poured concrete. You don’t need to saw or jackhammer it apart to re-level.

Integral Colour

One upgrade to standard concrete is to add colour and stamp out a pattern that tries to mimic the look of pavers. This colour is often just a surface face colouring, not integral throughout the concrete. So, when it starts to shale or gets chipped, the result is not pretty.

With most pavers, the colour is integrally mixed throughout the stone, meaning that if one does happen to chip, the colour will remain the same.


The Belgard pavers we carry come with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty when installed to ICPI specifications. That’s putting the manufacturer’s full weight behind the quality of their product. That’s something that just does not happen with poured concrete. (Find full warranty details at

Whether you’re looking to install your own pavers or want someone to install it for you, bring us your plans so we can get started on the process. We’ll walk you through all your design options, product takeoff and requirements, pricing, and installation best practices.


Introducing NextGel Jointing Sand from Techniseal

We’re very excited to announce the addition of a revolutionary new paver jointing sand to our lineup – NextGel from Techniseal!

NextGel is designed differently to truly eliminate dust, hazing, waste, and long wetting times.

Click here for the Technical Data Sheet/Installation Instructions.

Below we’ve put together a playlist of videos (7 total) that demonstrate the benefits of NextGel:

New To The Rusty Shovel: Pave Tool Innovators

Introducing another new tool manufacturer to The Rusty Shovel lineup – Pave Tool Innovators. These products are all designed by hardscape contractors, for hardscape contractors.  They’ve been in your shoes and wanted to find a better way – and they have!

Below are a series of playlists to introduce their tools and explain where they’re used and how to use them.

Wall Tools:

Paver Tools:

How to Install Paving Stone

Belgard Hardscapes are some of the most beautiful and enduring that you can find.  Take a look at their 12 steps to installing paving stones like a professional below.