The Rusty Shovel Presents – Drive The Green SK Golf Bracket

Over the next little bit, you’ll see that we’re the presenting sponsor of the Drive The Green Saskatchewan Golf Bracket.

There are a few reasons we thought this was a good fit:

1. Host Matty B has been a Friend of The Shovel for a long time.

2. Sean loves golf and wants to support conversations around the game that’s been such a big part of his life – even if after 30 years of playing, he’s still pretty lousy.

3. We’ve got a pretty awesome line of artificial turf products that might be of interest to the golfers in the crowd looking for backyard putting and chipping green options.

We can ship throughout the province, can help you with DIY installs or line you up with one of our contractor referral partners for installation.

4. We’re proud to be a local company supporting local content.

So we’d invite you to follow along on IG and Twitter and get your votes in for your favourite courses. First bracket voting is open now!

Trends in Landscaping – Artificial Turf

Last summer we did some features for Chefs and Showhomes that we’re excited to share. First up, we’re talking artificial turf and putting greens.

Artificial turf has come a long way in a few short years and is more realistic than ever. The important things to evaluate are blade shape, product weight, and colour.

For more information on our artificial turf products and how to start the quoting process, head over to our Artificial Turf section.

Artificial Turf Infill Options

Your artificial turf project isn’t finished until you add infill. There are a number of options for artificial grass infill, so Sean breaks down those options in this video – silica sand, PureZeo and Envirofill.


Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf Buyer’s Guide

Not all artificial turf products are created equal. Watch to see Sean’s breakdown of our Bella Turf line of artificial turf and what makes some turf worth more than others.

Artificial Turf and Rainfall Percolation

Take a look at the video below to understand how rainfall moves through artificial turf vs natural grass.

Artificial Grass Installation

Not interested in watering, mowing, and weeding your lawn? Maybe it’s time to consider Artificial Grass!  And this isn’t that ugly stuff you’d roll out in front of an RV.  Our artificial grass looks and feels just like the real thing!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • No Chemicals, Fertilizers, Herbicides or Pesticides
  • Great for Pets
  • Safe to Play on
  • Great for poor drainage and shaded areas
  • 5 year warranty
  • Always Green
  • Easy to Install
  • Fun and Practical
  • Passes all safety and consumer regulatory guidelines
  • Compliments your home and garden
  • Flame Retardant
  • Free of Heavy Metals
  • High UV Stabilization
  • Super Tough Monofiliment for Heavy Wear
  • Resistant to Extreme High and Low Temperature
  • Keeps insects and critters away.

Check out the installation video below to see how it works:

DIY Putting Green Kits

We’ve taken the guess work out of installing a home putting green by introducing our new DIY Putting Green Kits. For the first time ever, you can now install your own putting green by simply laying out some shapes and putting them together without making a single cut. Using the same quality Bella Turf products that are proven and trusted across Canada, our Putting Green Kits will look and perform just like those installed by the pros.

We offer these Putting Green Kits in both 10×13 and 13×20 sizes. The 10×13 kit comes in a soft curved kidney bean shape and the 13×20 kit comes in both the kidney bean shape, as well as a widened offset hourglass shape. All kits include a 16 inch grass fringe border that is pre-cut to fit the shape of your green. All supplies required for above base installation are included in your kit. Quantities of gravel required are listed for both sizes below, these products can be found at your local landscape centre or rock quarry.

DIY Putting Green Kits Regina

To guarantee you a smooth installation we’ve included a detailed 30 minute how-to DVD that covers every step of the installation process. From tear out to final touches, you will have pro tips guiding you through each step of the way.

  • Required Gravel – 10×13 kit:
  • 1 yard 3/4 clear crush
  • 2 1/2 yards 3/4 road base
  • 1/4 yard crusher fines
  • Required Gravel – 13×20 kit:
  • 2 yards 3/4 clear crush
  • 4 yards 3/4 road base
  • 1/2 yard crusher fine