Belgard 2021 New Product Sneak Peek

Did you catch the Belgard 2021 New Product Sneak Peek today? We did!

Sean had a look at the Artforms Panel System during the R&D phase with Permacon earlier this year and is pretty excited about it.

The rest of the items we’re waiting on more details on, but it’s refreshing to see Western Canada included in the release dates of most of the new products and you can bet we’ll be first to market with them.

The Origins and Dimensions line will bring consistency to laying patterns using the rule of thirds, and will bring in a consistent 60mm depth.

Add in the geometric shapes and borders/accents (things we’ve been asking for for a few years now) and it’s a lineup that will emphasize the best aspects of what makes paving stone the most premium pavement on the market – colours, textures and patterns.

We’re excited to see more details and to roll these out to you in 2021!

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