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Thrive Landscape Design at The Rusty Shovel

Starting spring of 2023, we’ve partnered with Alicia Putz at Thrive Landscape Design to offer custom landscape design services. Alicia has been designing yards all over Saskatchewan since completing her Prairie Horticulture Certificate in 2009. She even design ed the original layout for The Rusty Shovel showroom when we opened our doors back in the […]

The Shovel is Your New Techo-Bloc Authorized Dealer

We’re very excited to announce that we are adding Techo-Bloc to our hardscape lineup for spring 2021! Manufactured in Eastern Canada, Techo-Bloc is always on the leading edge of product quality, design, and technology. Their pavers, slabs, walls, steps, edgers, and fire features will fit beautifully into your landscape projects. With Covid-19 putting an incredible […]

New 2021 Belgard Catalog

The 2021 Belgard Catalog is here! There’s all kinds of new products inside, including the introduction of the new line of Origins and Dimensions pavers, Melville Tandem Wall, Artforms modular panel system and more! You can view the Belgard catalog online here.

Belgard 2021 New Product Sneak Peek

Did you catch the Belgard 2021 New Product Sneak Peek today? We did! Sean had a look at the Artforms Panel System during the R&D phase with Permacon earlier this year and is pretty excited about it. The rest of the items we’re waiting on more details on, but it’s refreshing to see Western Canada […]

Landscape Edging Options

We’ve had some difficulties sourcing our traditional 20′ strip edging during COVID-19, but that’s only one of the options we carry at The Rusty Shovel. Here’s an overview of all the different options we have available for you to choose from when looking for landscape edging.

Trends in Landscaping – Designing Elevation Changes with Retaining Walls

Creating elevation changes in the landscape can make your space more functional and visually intriguing. Our landscape designer Jesse walks you through some of the thoughts behind designing with elevation change using retaining walls. If you’re looking to build a retaining wall or replace an existing failing retaining wall, we can help. Get started at […]

Regina Rainwater Harvesting Project w/ Aquascape’s RainXchange

Have you wanted to capture rain water from your downspouts but don’t like the idea of ugly barrels and are concerned about overflow and water circulation? RainXChange from Aquascape is your ticket! The water is filtered through the downspout filter and stored underground in our custom shaped AquaBlox water storage units, lined with a 45mil […]

Trends in Landscaping – Artificial Turf

Last summer we did some features for Chefs and Showhomes that we’re excited to share. First up, we’re talking artificial turf and putting greens. Artificial turf has come a long way in a few short years and is more realistic than ever. The important things to evaluate are blade shape, product weight, and colour. For more information […]